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Automation vs people: Striking the balance

Automation vs people: Striking the balance - Checkit

According to Andrew Chakhoyan, writing for the World Economic Forum, we’re now entering “the post-management era.” One where “the ideas of incremental progress, continuous improvement, and process optimizations just don’t cut the mustard anymore; those practices are necessary, but insufficient.”

The assumption here is that:

  • The key management challenge is the difficult-to-manage creative work and workers.
  • All the other work that “requires supervision” i.e., could be managed by traditional techniques is “being outsourced to robots and algorithms.”

So is the future really that black and white?
Is it all over for service workers and those who oversee their activities?
Or is there always going to be a gap that only people can fill?
And if there is, what is its future?

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