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Supermarket job losses highlight need for technology to help shop floor operations

SupermarketFierce competition, rising costs and harsh economic headwinds are taking their toll on major supermarkets. Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s have announced large-scale restructuring plans that will see thousands of store management roles removed. The intention is redeploy staff members more productively elsewhere in the organisation.

In situations where they are looking to reduce middle management costs and still focus on serving customers, businesses in any sector must reconsider every aspect of how they operate. One obvious step is to look at the primary functions that the particular managers were undertaking.

In many cases they will have been supervising routine activities that are vital to the running of a complex business. A large proportion of shop floor work is still managed by old-fashioned pen-and-paper. Examples might include daily stock checking, workforce management, health and safety, and monitoring of hygiene routines. These are typically recorded on a list with the aid of a pen and a few sheets of paper. The harsh reality is that manual routines like this are a drag on productivity,

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